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S1 Ep 1 

"Clarity on Equal Partnership"

God made us in his image, male and female, equally good, but different. The equal-but-different principle guides us through many sexuality issues. 

S1 Ep 2

 "Clarity on Sexual Abuse"

Domination in a sexual context is abuse. Unfortunately, sexual abuse is extremely common, and it causes greater harm than we sometimes like to admit. 

S1 Ep 3

 “Clarity on Relationship Domination”

Our sinful world is obsessed with the love of power, but the gospel is about the power of love. To truly love another person in this sin context, the Holy Spirit must give us a servant-heart for others. Scripture: 2 Corinthians 13:4

S1 Ep 4

 “Clarity on Recovery from Sexual Abuse”

Though deserving of much more time than this short program, we’ve started a conversation about how to move from victim to survivor of sexual abuse—a conversation firmly rooted in the fact that God made sexuality sacred. Scripture: Deuteronomy 4:24, Song of Solomon 8:6, Leviticus 10:1-2

S1 Ep 5

 “Clarity on Recovery Body Shaming”

Humanity started out naked and not ashamed, but the fall led to our enduring sense of body shame. While covering our bodies is appropriate, extreme shame of our physical self is unhealthy. In marriage, we recover that naked-and-not-ashamed experience, which symbolizes our spiritual intimacy with God. Scripture: Genesis 2:25 

S1 Ep 6

 “Clarity on Modesty”

We started out naked and not ashamed in Eden. This indicated the intimacy and trust between Adam, Eve, and their Creator. Much of the current tendency toward exposing our bodies to strangers in the form of immodest dress may be a kind of false intimacy. Scripture: Genesis 2:25, Matthew 24:12, 2 Timothy 3:3  

S1 Ep 7

 “Clarity on Male/Female Differences”

The differences between male and female aren’t merely the obvious physical ones, but those that venture into the emotional and psychological realm as well. Understanding these differences (without stereotyping) leads to a better understanding of God’s plan. Scripture:  

S1 Ep8

 “Clarity on Masturbation"

God designed sex to be a bonding experience, but when we have sex with ourselves, it can lead to feelings of shame and regret. Masturbation yields lower levels of satisfaction and can set us up for sexual addiction. 


S1 Ep9

"Clarity on Pornography"

God has designed sex to create brain changes that lead to satisfaction and stability in our relationship. The enemy therefore tries hard to lead us away from fidelity, often beginning with our eyes. Internet pornography addiction is a terrible epidemic. 


S1 Ep10

"Clarity on Finding a Life Partner"

There may be no ideal, foolproof formula for finding a life partner, but timeless principles and God’s Spirit can guide the process. Since God designed marriage to be a lifelong relationship, we do well to consider it carefully. 


S1 Ep11

"Clarity On Marital Separation"

God, who hates divorce, said not to separate, didn’t He? But what about when serious abuse is taking place? There’s a constructive, redemptive approach to separation that can actually heal a marriage.


S1 Ep12

"Clarity On Divorce"

God hates divorce of any kind but loves a committed lifelong marriage. So how does the Bible deal with so many of the divorces of today? Can divorce ever be justified? Tune in to see how Jesus addresses this issue.


S1 Ep13

"Clarity On Remarriage"

God's Ideal is one partner for life but not everyone follows that pattern. God is the creator and redeemer so how can God take the broken pieces and make something beautiful again? Find out how in this installment of Intimate Clarity.


S1 Ep14

"Clarity On Same Sex Attraction"

Is same sex attraction evidence that a person is gay? What do research studies say about same sex attraction and how do we interpret the results?


S1 Ep15 (IC180116)

"Clarity On Gay Behavior"

What does the Bible say about gay behavior? There are only 6 texts in the Bible that refer to Gay behavior. What are they really saying and how do people interpret them today.


S1 Ep16 (IC180118)

"Clarity On Homosexuality in the Church"

Is homosexuality within the church ok providing they are monogamous and loving? We have all fallen below God's ideal. We can't come into this discussion with a self-righteous attitude.


S1 Ep17 (IC180120)

"Clarity On Gender Identity"

Disorders involving the misperception of one's physical self, such as anorexia nervosa and body dysmorphia, are considered pathological. Today's guest discusses the complex issues of Gender Identity.


S1 Ep18 (IC180121)

"Clarity On Sex Reassignment"

The media conveys to us that the best solution for gender dysphoria is transitioning–from social transitioning, to hormonal and often surgery. Yet some studies show a spike in suicidality in the transgender population after surgery. This hints that while the problem is very real, the solution may not be transitioning.


S1 Ep19 (IC180122)

"Clarity On Gender Confusion In Children"

Children sometimes identify with the opposite sex. Although research indicates that the vast majority of them will transition out of this phase, some forces in our world seem bent on rushing children into a transitioning process.


S1 Ep20 (IC180123)

"Clarity On Adultery"

God created human sexuality with lifelong monogamy in mind. Adultery is a terrible assault on that plan, yet while recovery from adultery is by any assessment difficult and protracted, it's possible through Jesus grace and power.


S1 Ep21 (IC180124)

"Clarity On Recovery from Adultery"

How do those who have chosen to stay together after adultery, heal from its devastation? The steps involve practical measures, but mostly the intervening miracles of God.


S1 Ep22 (IC180125)

"Clarity On Sex Before Marriage"

The Bible gives an ugly name to sex outside of marriage... fornication. God desires to protect our sexuality because our early sexual experiences create in us appetites with which we will struggle throughout life.



S1 Ep23 (IC180126)

"Clarity On Sex Within Marriage"

The wonderful fact is that God Created sex for our pleasure and bonding. And kept within marriage, It accomplishes that beautifully. A satisfying intimacy within marriage actually brings about brain changes that encourage long-term bonding.